Gig’s a comin’ along down the road

Since my last blog post there have a few more live appearances, an EP release and even a studio session and here is the telling of those events.

After my first open mic i decided i would head to Bristol to play one as a sort of warm up before my gig at The Fleece, the destination for this open mic was a pub called The Spotted Cow in the Bedminster area of Bristol which was recommended by a friend who plays there (he is the singer of my brothers band Slow Down World). I played four songs which were, If I Wrote You A Song…, Chasing The Sun Around The World, Unexplained Mystery and Goodnight To You, all of which are staples now in my set.

Much like a support set it was all over before it began and i had to leave before i got to see my friend play (damn the limited train service to Devon) but it was nice a good experience on the whole and the host Ben was a very friendly and lively chap, i was also briefly mentioned as “John Lennon guy” by a comic who performed at the open mic who claimed he enjoyed my act, which was nice of him.

Due to the terrible train service and not being willing to wait 3 hours on at Taunton train station myself and brother decided to stay on the train until Exeter so we would at least be closer to home and we took the decision (which seems silly in many peoples eyes) to walk the 18 miles home through the night. We set out from Exeter shortly after 1am and after walking all night along the dual-carriage way we made it to our front door just after the 6:3oam mark and although a tiring experience it was a good one, little adventures like that make life more enjoyable i find, convention is so very boring.

The Spotted Cow

The Spotted Cow

After The Spotted Cow came a return to The Acoustic Warehouse where this time around i performed I’ve Left My Blues Behind, Unexplained Mystery and Stop The Blues. Much like the first night i sat toward the back and enjoyed the show, lots of traditional stuff played and sung, i enjoy the relaxed/intimate atmosphere of the place with lots of different level musicians too, always hear some great stuff.

Now to Tuesday the 30th and my gig at The Fleece! I travelled up to Bristol around the 1pm mark and spent a good few hours enjoying the fine sunny weather and going to some of my favourite haunts, sadly no interesting tales to tale about them. I got to the venue shortly before 6am and saw a band doing their soundcheck, i’m not sure what it was but from friends and online presence i expected the The Fleece to be a bit grander, not sure why? it certainly is the biggest venue i’ve played and i quite like the stone floor and high stage and it hosts some well-known acts, perhaps i didn’t feel like it was the best venue for my stuff, i’m not sure but still i went on first and did my thing, although i went on 5 minutes late because even though i was at the front killing time the stage manager couldn’t find me which meant i had to re-arrange my set a tad to make sure i didn’t over run.

The staff were all very friendly and soon as i got off stage i learned that they record the show, so when i get my hands on a copy and if i deem it good enough i will share a song or two from it (or perhaps share the whole show even). I’d love to play The Fleece again, i don’t think i quite gave it all i could and i’m not sure why, then again i always leave gigs with a feeling of indifference.

Playing The Fleece

Playing The Fleece

A week on from The Fleece gig and i was back at Sound Gallery Studios in Exeter to record some songs as i’ve had a bit of a writing flourish, in the four hours there i got 17 done and have pretty much decided ten of them will make an album. However to make the next collection a little different i want to add some bass, harmonica and perhaps percussion to a few numbers just to see what i can make.

I’m not sure when the next album will be ready or even released, it is very tempting to put it out as fast as i can but having already released about 70 songs i feel it would be better to play some gigs and focus on getting people into my stuff more before the next release, after all i have just released the EP Little Tracks into the world of Children’s Music and need to further promote that and the album Tales From Sunshine Street before i divert attention to the following album.

Well this has certainly been a long blog post so far but fear not it is coming to an end as i don’t have much else to tell aside from the fact i shall be returning to play a set at the Exeter Picturehouse this coming Thursday from 8pm but after that there are no gigs planned so it will be back to the world of open mics i feel.

Before i do bring this entry to a close i will just rant a tad about the struggle of finding where my music is best suited, obviously at 28 i am not one for the hip-trendy youth of Great Britain and that’s cool with me but a lot of folk-acts are all guitar hitting, musically trained people who deem themselves ‘clever’ (they also wear hats in an annoying way), now of course i don’t begrudge these people existing as they provide amusement on various levels i just hope i never get labeled as one. ‘Folk’ seems to be a fairly middle-class trend in England at the moment and spotting the people in for the music behind the posers can be difficult but i guess thats the same in any genre.

Anyway the sun is shining so spring is here and summer not too far behind so my plan is to work less and sing more, go where the wind takes me and hopefully spread a little love and compassion where i can.


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