Open Mic Debut

Last night i decided to attend my first open mic, it might seem odd to play my first open mic having already played a handful of gigs but that’s just how things turn out i guess, with set gigs you can’t really change your mind but with open mics attending is solely down to me and me alone. I attend an open mic in Kingsteignton, at the Acoustic Warehouse (The Passage House) and it was a great night!

I arrived a little early and was for some reason a tad nervous but the people there were all very kind and welcoming, they even let me start the night off, i sang 2 songs first then we rotated performers, the night started out with 4 acts but more and more come along as the night progressed and the room was full with lots of great talent, in total i got to sing 4 songs and as i didn’t really prepare i just picked what i could remember in the moment and chose, If I Wrote You A Song…, Freedom Dances Under The Sun, Chasing The Sun Around The World and Goodnight To You.

I will definitely be heading back next week (and many Mondays after), it’s a nice atmosphere and it will be great to chat and get to know fellow musicians in the area too, not being a very social creature i tend to do gigs and disappear because as much as i like writing and singing songs the attention for doing so isn’t something i crave.


What made me finally go along to an open mic event was playing some songs at the first meetup of Newton Abbot based vegans on Saturday night, which i also enjoyed a great deal (it’s just great getting out there and playing). The meetup was fairly busy for a 1st time, i think there were about 20 people there and as i sang i saw two people seemingly paying full attention to my songs which was nice of them, i left some copied CDs behind but i have no idea if they were taken, shifting music can be hard it seems.

Next up is an open mic in Bristol followed by a return to the Acoustic Warehouse and then a gig in Bristol at The Fleece playing a support slot but after that who knows what musical adventures await.

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Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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