Vegan Gig #2

Welcome once more to some pointless internet ramblings that will be seldom read. As the title of this post should inform i have my second vegan based/themed gig on the horizon (the first being the Wolverhampton Vegan Festival last October) which will take place at The Keyberry Inn, Decoy, Newton Abbot on the 20th of April as part of the Newton Abbot Vegan Eclectics first meetup, which is rather cool.

Since i became a vegan in April 2011 i haven’t knowingly met any from the area in which i live and all the vegan-pals i have i met online or at events so i rarely get to see them sadly. So naturally meeting lots of fellow vegans from my area is an exciting prospect, for anyone interested in coming along all details can be found here:

During the evening i will play songs from my album Vegan Revolution and perhaps one or two others i’ve written, i’ve not “worked out” the set quite yet. One song i will be sure to play is The Vegan Gypsy which is probably the song that most captures my dream of being a freewheeling musician spreading a message of love and you can be sure that once i’ve played the gig the temptation to live the dream fully will be strong.


Another reason to “do it the gypsy way” aside from spreading a message in an honest and committed way is to avoid all the hassle and pretension in the music industry as much as possible, getting gigs can be a pain as emails are often ignored and venues don’t really care unless you have a large following (and i’m not talking about great venues either), also many bands/performers are so far up their own arse and are desperate to be worshiped it puts me off the human race, while of course i like compliments about my songs it’s not what i strive for, i try to simply sing what i feel and if i happen to ever make money from it then great but i am not after the cash or fame and know where the path leads and if i do die another poor musician it won’t bother me as long as i have given my all to my dream.

Now that rant about the music industry is over i think i’ll head off out for a walk along the coast with my iPod for company. It would be great to see you on the 20th at The Keyberry Inn, Newton Abbot or at The Fleece, Bristol on the 30th, both events start at 7:30pm. I have a feeling May could be interesting but we shall see.

Peace, love and wishes of splendor to you all!

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