I Love The Earth and general ramblings

It’s been a short while since i posted a blog update (well sorta). I thought i’d talk about my new FREE single release, most recent gig and current future plans in this latest pointless ramble.

I’ll start with my latest release, it’s a song that was considered for the EP Little Tracks (i’ll announce the release date for that later this month) but was ultimately left off just due to the fact i didn’t want the EP to be more then 5 songs long. I Love The Earth is a simple little song, very much in the innocent/childlike theme of the EP and it sings a simple lyric about the earth and nature.

I thought i’d release the song due to the fact that Earth Day is coming up (the 22nd of April for those curious) and i didn’t want the song to rot in the my archives for years and years as while not my greatest ever song i am fond of it. The artwork was done by my brother Harry, who also did the artwork for the album Tales From Sunshine Street and once more he did a grand job.

You can download I Love The Earth via SoundClound

I Love The Earth

I Love The Earth Artwork by Harry Mayhew

Now begins the tale of my most recent gig, it took place at The Exeter Picturehouse on the 21st of March.

The travel to and from the venue left me drenched by the rather intense rainfall that night, however once at the venue i located the toilets and proceeded to dry myself via the hand-dryer. While the venues main function is as a cinema the upstairs area where i performed was really relaxed, some really cosy sofas in front on the stage and close by an eating area, i had the choice to go on first and took it. My set went down well i thought, one song got a pretty big reception, although i can’t remember which one, as usual with support sets it was over before it began it seemed but it’s another gig and another venue played.

I did stay around for on more act, a chap called Otto who did some great finger-picking but sadly after his set i had to be on my way due to my reliance on public transport.

On stage at the Picturehouse

On stage at the Picturehouse

Next up for me is The Fleece in Bristol on the 30th of April, although before then i plan to hit the open mic scene in both Bristol and closer to home in the Torbay area.

I’m really looking forward to the gig in Bristol and i want to keep up the gigging and playing when and where i can, the only downside is not having the time on stage to play all the songs i’d like, this morning i checked Amazon and realised that i have so far released 60 songs to download and that doesn’t included the 5 on Little Tracks or the other various FREE downloads i have released via my website such as the This Is Not Here EP and the singles Little World, A Dream Of St. Ives, I Declare World Peace and I Love The Earth so the total is actually over 70, which isn’t bad going i think.

Anyway cheers for reading as usual, peace and love to you all and hopefully i’ll see you on the road of the life sometime!

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