Little Tracks EP – Information & Stream


Today i spent an hour in Sound Gallery Studios, Exeter with Sound Engineer Duncan Chave where i recorded 4 songs and completed my NEW EP titled Little Tracks, an album of 5 songs that follow more of a childlike theme then my past works.

Currently there is no planned release date for the EP but it is online on SoundCloud to be streamed –

1. A Day On The Shore – a ploddy number about a trip to the beach
2. Chasing The Sun Around The World – a song about following the sun
3. The Song Of The Moon And Me – the tale of a trip to space
4. Magicland – a story of a land of fairytales, inspired by the Dizzy computer games
5. The Little River Song – a short song singing wishes to a river

Little Tracks artwork by Jennifer Riches

Little Tracks artwork by Jennifer Riches

The artwork for this EP was designed by my friend Jennifer Riches who is a splendid artist i think you’ll agree, i showed her the songs and let her do as she wished and the artwork is even better then i could dreamed of, please “like” and check out her page on Facebook –

I’ll be sure to announce on Facebook, Twitter and the like as soon as i know the release date, it could be announced next week or even next month, just a case of wait and see, until then i hope you’ll enjoy listening to the songs on SoundCloud.

Peace, love ‘n’ all that

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