A Return To Gigging

First off i’d just like to say thank you for all the comments, listens and downloads of my NEW album Tales From Sunshine Street, it means a lot knowing the music i put out into the world is enjoyed.

On Sunday the 10th of March (the weekend just gone as i write this) i played my first gig of the year at The Croft in Bristol, it was fairly short-notice gig organized 2 or 3 days prior to taking place. It was my first time in the venue despite having sauntered past it many a time on trips through the Stokes Croft area of Bristol.

The venue has two rooms and a bar area, the room i was in had a stage and so far it’s the biggest (or perhaps highest) stage i have performed on, when i got there a group of students who were the main act were warming up playing trumpets and the like, didn’t think it was quite the bill for a chap as myself but i’ll take any gig i can. As usual for a support act my set was only 30 minutes long, i always try to pick a set that includes songs off all my albums and because my songs are for the most part under 3 minutes this is thankfully quite an easy task, i do wonder how many songs i will play live once i get slots of an hour or longer?

The gig went well and i only stumbled on a few lines, the crowd peaked at about 20/25 and included some members of the Heavy Metal band Subversive who were playing in the other room and members of Slow Down World (which includes my brother who was with me operating as camera man and of course support) who would be playing the venue the following Saturday. By the time i reached the end of my set i was playing to nobody but the sound guy (who was cool) and my brother, which was odd but Subversive had stuff to do and the band on after me who had watched most my set had stuff to do i’m sure too.


All in all it was great to be back on stage and get the first gig of the year done at last and i’m now keen to just get as many gigs as i can no matter how long they are or how many people i play too. Next up is a 30 minute set at the Exeter Picturehouse on the 21st of March but after that who knows? I’ll be sure to post updates of Facebook and Twitter when gigs are arranged you can be sure of that and if you’d like me to play anywhere near you please get in touch via my official website

Before my next gig though i have a 1 hour studio session at my home-from-home Sound Gallery Studios in Exeter on Thursday the 14th and after then so new music will be shared.


About Ross Mayhew :: Vegan Musician

Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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