Another day, another session, another song

Yesterday i had my shortest recording session yet, a 1 hour at Sound Gallery Studios in Exeter which is fast becoming my home from home, the reason for the session was to re-do 2 tracks for an EP i’m planning called Little Tracks which could well be out the same day as my album Tales From Sunshine Street but no official date is set for either yet.

On the whole i got 4 songs done in the hour, which isn’t too bad as my first 4 hour session there produced 7, having done plenty of session myself and Duncan the engineer managed to work not only well together but quickly too, in total there have been 93 recordings made since June 2012, quite impressive!

While i am stuck inside on what is a dull rainy day in Devon (Snow is everywhere else but we get rain!) i thought i’d tell you about my planning EP Little Tracks and also share another track from my upcoming 18 track album.

The EP is like most of my recordings to date, me singing and playing live as microphones surround me but while a lot of my past (and even upcoming) works tend to be quite deep, philosophical and reflective in their lyrics this EP is i suppose more childlike, i’ll go through the tracks now and give you a bit of detail on them.

1. A Day On The Shore
A jaunty/ploddy number about wandering the seaside and talking to the sun, sea, sand, wind, crab and even the moon. I had the chords for this track long before the lyrics, i could just never find words that fit the tune but i am very happy with how this song has turned out! I’ll be looking to play it live wherever i can.

2. And I Sang
Not quite as bouncy as the 1st track but still quite a fun little song about heading to the beach (again) and enjoying that feeling of freedom a walk by the sea can give. It’s probably the newest on the album in terms of it’s initially composing but most tracks on the EP were tidied up and adjusted up to their final recordings.

3. I Love The Earth
Lyrically this song isn’t much but it’s still fun and encourages people to enjoy the earth, it’s probably more fun with an audience as the lyrics kind of invite singing-along to take place, overwise it’s just me singing the same line three times each verse, here’s an example;

“flow, flow, flow little river
flow, flow, flow little river flow, flow, flow little river
flow little river to the sea”

4. Chasing The Sun Around The World
It wasn’t until the Friday before the session that i finished writing this track, until then it was just 3 verse but now it has 5 verses and 2 breaks/chorus’ which help it flow a lot better. Again it involves the sun as do all tracks to this point but as the title may suggest this one is about following the sun wherever it may shine, i’m not sure how possible this is really but it sounds like a fun thing to do.

5. Magicland (may or may not be included)
Now this song was inspired by the computer game Dizzy which was very popular on the Spectrum, Amiga and other machines of that era in gaming, i spent a lot of my childhood playing the games and even now find them a good to spend a few hours, especially on a rainy day like today. The song is quite mellow and is the longest on the album but it is a song of a fantasy land, a world where fairytales are true and adventure is had.

6. The Little River Song
A short song about a river, i think it comes in at 1 minute and 8 seconds, i always like to choose a soft song to close an album or EP, not 100% sure why but it just gives any release a nice closure to me and hopefully this track will do likewise.

So there you go, more songs on the way, the EP will probably be released under the genre of Children’s Music but i doubt many kids will be singing the songs in schools or on the playgrounds but songs of this nature are hard to define, i see no reason why adults won’t enjoy them and hopefully they’ll open some peoples minds to a simpler and better world.

Now as promised earlier in this essay here is a link to a track from my upcoming album Tales From Sunshine Street, it’s called (Come and Find) Peace Of Mind #2 and you can find out more detail about it in my previous blog post –

I will hopefully post updates on Twitter, Facebook and here on WordPress once both these releases have set dates to them, all that remains to be created is the artwork but due to typical January weather it’s hard to get a photoshoot done but here’s hoping it will be soon.

Thanks for reading,
Peace, love and wishes joy

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