Tales From Sunshine Street – Album/Song Info & Track Exclusive

Good day to you dear blog reader, i hope the day finds you well, i thought i’d post about my upcoming album, so here goes…

The album will be called Tales From Sunshine Street and it contains 18 songs and in this post i’ll give you a quick bit of information on each track.

1. Take A Look Upon The World
I remember coming up with the opening chord changes when sat on my bed and the song kind of wrote itself, a look out the window helped me come up with the lyrics and musically it’s pretty simple, i demoed it within minutes of finishing.

2. Sunshine Street
Without sounding to pretentious this track i suppose is just about the journey of life and is quite upbeat musically. I remember thinking of the name Sunshine Street prior to writing the lyrics, the original lyrics were quite different to the finished set but they weren’t bad i just felt i could do better.

3. Freedom Dances Under The Sun
Hopefully if you’re reading this blog post you’ll be aware of this track already as it was released as a single on the 7th of January, it’s heavily inspired by the Donovan songs Ballad Of A Crystal Man and Summer Day Reflection Song, it’s a track about following your own path and wishes and musically i feel it stands out from the rest.

4. Gypsy Boy
This is a self-mocking song in a way, at the time this was written i had quit my job and began to embrace different elements to life. The song is about someone who has quit there job to live a bohemian life but deep down they are searching for love/companionship.

5. Ace Of Hearts
Quite an old track, rather straight forward chords and folk-rhythm but it’s one i’ve always liked but just never made previous releases, because it was written back in 2009 or 2010 it needed some tidying up, a few touches to the lyrics, etc. The track is about people who ignore their hearts, i was listening to Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts by Bob Dylan a lot when i came up with this song which helped inspire the songs title and story.

6. Love In Your Own Way
This song contains only two chords (D and Em7 for those interested – capo at the 4th fret too) and is about people being able to live the life they choose. It’s one i enjoy playing but when making previous albums i would often forget to include it because of the newer material i was writing.

7. I Don’t Know If I Believe
I’m still not 100% sure if this is a song about seeking faith or losing it, i have never been a religious person and i don’t believe in God but i am open-minded about spirituality and such. No matter where someone is raised in the world they should be allowed to doubt and question all they’ve been taught and seek their own truth. I remember writing this song shortly after seeing Joan Baez in concert and i think one of her songs inspired the melody, God Is God perhaps?

8. Making History
Surprisingly a track i’m fond of and this one along with Ace Of Hearts is probably the oldest on the album, the title comes from a Stephen Fry book and the melody inspired by No Other Baby by Paul McCartney (although i don’t think it actually resembles it much). The lyrics are some of the first i wrote that i was really happy with and i think they stand up well against my newer stuff too.

9. I’m Not…
Quite a fun song, it’s essentially a list of me calming not to be one-thing but in-fact another, i remember scrawling out about two pages worth of possible lyrics and then picking the best ones, my favourite perhaps being – “i’m not insane, the rules have changed”.

10. When You’re Alone
A short and sweet song, i love the chord changes and feel of the song so i felt i had to put it on the album. It’s about finding companionship i suppose, someone to share the world with to make you feel alive.

11. (Come and Find) Peace Of Mind #2
The first two verses came with chords when i wrote most of the track but as i was writing quite a lot of material at the time the song got forgotten for a bit until i revisited it some months later and added the last two verses. I enjoy the melody of this track, whether my vocals bring it out is another thing though.

12. I’ve Left My Blues Behind
I wrote this song when staying in St. Ives, Cornwall and i loved the song so much i even recorded a live video of me playing it (which can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTDPZnrzfPI). It’s a nice and gentle finger-picking number about heading to a place where all your worries can be lost.

13. The Newest Star In The Sky
Inspired by Bob Dylan’s song Shooting Star from his Oh, Mercy! album and Eddie Cochran’s cover of Three Stars, the track is about someone who has passed on from their earthly life and are now looking down on earth every night to check you’re ok.

14. Resting Eternity
Very much inspired by Donovan’s 1996 album Sutras this track is about the journey of death, hopefully it’s done in a way which comforts rather then worries, after all life is but a journey and a gift we are all given.

15. All Will Become
One of my favourites from the album, i love the feel from the chord changes and like the two tracks before it it speaks of life and death in a (hopefully) soothing way. None of the album was recorded with a theme in mind but once i came out of the session with 36 songs i had to work out not only which ones to use but how they would fit together and i think i’ve done that, the songs get deeper as the album goes on and will hopefully lead to the listener feeling like they’ve had some sort of journey.

16. By Your Side
Fans of my works will have no doubt noticed that the vast majority of my songs rarely go beyond the 4 minute mark, well this track goes on for 12 minutes, a seemingly endless track that will most likely never be played live due to the amount of lyrics i’d have to remember. The song is about being reunited with someone, i remember when recording it almost getting lost in a timeless haze.

17. The Moment
I almost released a version of this in mid-2012 but i just never got around to it. It’s another gentle finger-picking track and this one simply encourages people to live in the moment as much as possible. It was written in July 2011 if i remember correctly and is a track that has been demoed more then most.

18. Goodnight To You
The closing track is my attempt at a lullaby, a song to sing yourself (or another) to sleep. Prior to this recorded there have two home-demos and two studio demos made of this track and it almost appeared on my album From Nowhere To Here but for whatever reason i never felt it quite sounded as it should do but this version i think holds the feeling i was after.

Should all go according to plan the album will hit digital stores on the 10th of February 2013, however this is subject to change, that said the only thing that remains to be done is the artwork which i’ll reveal on Facebook when it’s ready.

To help wet your appetite for the album as a treat you can listen to the closing track to the album via this Private SoundCloud link: http://soundcloud.com/rossmayhewonline/goodnight-to-you/s-827rh Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for reading!
Peace & Love,

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