New Year and a new single

Happy New Year! Today i thought i’d post about my new single Freedom Dances Under The Sun that is due to be released digitally worldwide on the 7th of January under my own label Leaburn Records, the track will get it’s premier on Jackson Cooper’s Riviera Showcase on Riviera FM tomorrow (the 5th of January) between 8pm and 11pm, so make sure you tune in to that!

Let me tell you about the song Freedom Dances Under The Sun, it was written in August or September last year and was first demoed at home and then recorded during the session where i made the album Vegan Revolution, however the version that is being released was recorded in October and it is by far the superior version of the track, home-demos are never that great when i do them and the first studio take sounded hurried.

The song is a finger-picking number and much inspired by the Donovan tracks Ballad Of A Crystal Man and Summer Day Reflection Song on the 1965 album Fairytale, i’ve always loved that sound and it was good to be able to do a track in a similar vain while still holding my own touch of course. The lyrics for my new single much like the previous Winds Of Freedom single speak of following dreams and not just going with what you’re taught and are meant to do.

Here’s a section from the song – “love will give you more then your money can, open your eyes and you’ll understand”

I made the artwork using a photo i took of a sunset when i was staying near Hayle beach in Cornwall in June last year, i have taken lots of photos of some great sunsets in that location before but i felt this was the best one and was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out.

Freedom Dances Under The Sun (JPEG)

The song will also feature on the upcoming album i have planned, it will be track 3 of 18 and i am looking forward to releasing that, no date is set just yet but it will hopefully be out in February, just have the artwork to do and i was keen to push a single prior to the album just to try and create more awareness and interest in my music.

I hope to create a video for this track at some point in the near future, i have a few ideas but it’s just finding the time, people and equipment to do them that might delay things but keep an eye out as it could just appear one day.

I hope you enjoy the track! Peace!

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