2012 is closing, let’s have a look back

Hello there, as i write this it is about 7:30am on Friday the 28th of December and i am listening to a CD compilation of one of my idol’s Donovan’s first two albums from 1965, a gift from my sister at Christmas (i hope you all had a good one).

2012 was very good to me, not only did i release several albums and tracks into the world, i also got my first airplay on South Devon Sound Radio in Devon and my first live radio experience on RivieraFM thanks to Jackson Cooper, both experiences lead towards playing my first few gigs too, all of which went well enough for me to be wanting to do more next year.

Of course 2012 like every year using the gregorian calendar started in January and it was then i recorded my first album Nothing Specific, i won’t bore people with details of the recording and such but for a first album i feel it is a good one, my singing has improved since then but i think the songs are strong and it is at the time of this post my best-selling release.

Next came From Nowhere To Here, well after the single Winds Of Freedom which came out a week or so before but it does feature on the CD edition of the album as a bonus track. That album like Nothing Specific had it’s artwork done by Jazmin Hamilton Photography and i particular love the CD artwork on that release, it’s quite a short album but that’s because my songs are often under 4 minutes.

My third album proper of the year was Vegan Revolution, the first with a purpose, it was all recorded in one session and was released in September, some of the songs featured on a short-lived EP i made earlier in the year (i think it’s still on iTunes) but this album is all new recordings and upped the EP’s 5 songs to 15. I got to play some at a vegan festival which was great, i hope to play more next year when and where i can, it’s nice to not only entertain people with music but also to make them feel and do my bit to help make a better world where i can.

I should mention my 2 free singles i released called Little World and A Dream Of St. Ives, both of which have videos on YouTube and can be downloaded via rossmayhew.co.uk and SoundCloud. I toyed with putting Little World online to buy as a single but i think i made the right choice giving it as a gift for those new to my music, i think it gives a good brief as to what i am all about, it can be found as a bonus track on the CD version of From Nowhere To Here too.

The other track A Dream Of St. Ives was almost on From Nowhere To Here as an album track but i felt it didn’t quite fit anywhere so i decided once more to issue it as a free release.

So as you can tell if you read all that it has been a fairly productive year, it also saw the recording of my next album which will be out in early 2013 (no later then March hopefully) but aside from that and a single off that album i will mainly focus on playing gigs, well i will do once my wrist heals, at present it’s a tad sore from a hectic work schedule but once it’s better there will be no stopping me i assure you.

I hope you have a great 2013 and beyond, remember to go for your dreams no matter what hard work lies between you and them.

About Ross Mayhew :: Vegan Musician

Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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