Recordings and Ryan’s Bar Debut

On the 15th of November i headed into what is fast becoming my home-from-home, Sound Gallery Studios in Exeter, i popped in for a 2 hour session to create a CD mix of my next ‘proper’ album which will be released in 2013 – more details on that in the new year – and to also get some more recordings done for my upcoming Christmas album titled Christmas Love & Peace which will contain 10 tracks, 3 of which are composed by my good self, the most recent was written less then a week before the session.

Christmas Love & Peace Artwork

Christmas Love & Peace Artwork

The morning after the session i went to work which was a normal 4 hour shift of tedium, when it was over i headed back home and within an hour or two of my return i received an offer to play a support slot at Ryan’s Bar in Torquay that very night, this came as quite a shock to me as i’ve only played 2 gigs at this point and not really “put myself out there” a great deal.

The offer came from a band called The Quincies (The Quincies Facebook page) who i’ll confess i hadn’t heard of before as my knowledge of local music is scarce at best, of course i accepted their offer and then set to scrabbling together a 45 minute set, which i thankfully realised i could do, which bodes well for any future short-notice gigs i may have to do. I gave plenty of tracks their live debuts and played 3 tracks from the album i went to finish work on just the night before.

The gig itself went well, being on stage is feeling more natural each time i do it and hopefully soon i’ll get the hang of talking to the crowd as well. The Quincies were really nice guys and i’m thankful for their offer of a support slot, sadly due to working early the next morning i had to leave soon as i got off stage but The Quincies sounded great in their soundcheck and from what i could hear as i waited for the bus outside the venue, according to my brother they covered the Beatles classic Come Together which just further proves they have a good knowledge of music, i’ll be sure to catch them live soon.

Ryan's Bar Debut

Ryan’s Bar Debut

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