A Dream Of St. Ives

A Dream Of St. Ives [Painting by Jennifer Riches]

Today i returned home for a 5 night stay in one of my favourite places, St. Ives on the north cornish coast. Every time i visit for more then a day trip i stay at 22stives which is fast becoming home-from-home, much like the town itself and i recommend it highly to all considering a holiday by the Celtic Sea.

St. Ives has always been a draw for artistic people, be they thinkers, poets, painters or musicians and it’s no doubt the town has had an impact on my own songwriting, the town and its atmosphere bring me a great calm and relaxation which allows for a greater focus on composing songs.

My love affair with St. Ives started in 2009 when i went for a day-trip with my family, its natural beauty instantly hit me. It wasn’t long after then that i began becoming aware of the famous singer-songwriter Donovan – who has become a major influence in my life – and his connections with the town in his early beatnik/gypsy youth. In September 2010 St. Ives became even dearer to me when i saw Donovan perform there during the September Festival, not only did i get to enjoy his show but i met him both before and after his time on stage with my brother, a wonderful moment that made me realise my focus and path lay in music.

Chillin’ with Donovan

My songwriting began to improve with my new focus and it was a year to the day after meeting Donovan i released my first studio recordings via a limited edition CD titled Singing To The Flowers.

With frequent visits to St. Ives and the memories i was creating it was only a matter of time before i wrote a song telling of my love for the town and on the 20th of July 2012 i released my track A Dream Of St. Ives as a FREE download (via SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/a-dream-of-st-ives), the songs lyric tells of my dreams to live in the town playing songs for all who pass through the town.

The town has inspired other songs, most notably I’ve Left My Blues Behind and the song Stop The Blues.

As my song says it is my dream to live in St. Ives but before i settle on the shore of the Celtic Sea i feel i must play my music to all who wish to hear it, wherever that may lead me. I don’t doubt though that i’ll continue to be a regular visitor to St. Ives whenever my time allows me to be, the area has a certain kind of magic to it that will always pull me back to its shores.

Thanks again for reading, peace!

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