Gigging and Blogging begins

Well this either will be a one-off blog post or the start of a seemingly never-ending string off updates, opinions and shameless self-promoting. As it is my first ever blog post i thought i’d talk about my first ever gigs rather then attempt to write a back story of my time in the studio, so here goes.

My first gig took place at The Offshore Restaurant in Torquay as part of the Oxjam Torquay Takeover, a day which celebrated local music while raising money for charity, i was placed on the acoustic stage while other venues around the harbour hosted different styles of music.

I travelled to Torquay via the bus with my brothers band Slow Down World who were also on the bill in a different venue, i got to Offshore shortly after 1:30pm and due to the act prior to me on the bill being late on arriving i was quickly ushered on stage to play my slot and keep the event running as smooth as possible. I opened with Take A Look Upon The World, a track yet to released at the time of the gig and i felt quite comfortable on singing and playing, that said i rarely looked up at the audience but i caught the eye of the few of audience who seemed to be enjoying my songs.

It all came and went fairly quickly, i was probably only on stage for 20/25 minutes and due to time restraints i didn’t get the chance to play all of my planned set, Stop The Blues would have to wait for it’s live debut but i was glad i got to play Winds Of Freedom and even happier i managed to remember all 12 verses, not even people taking photos of me playing distracted my train of thought.

As soon as i finished i quickly packed up and along with my mother – who watched my live debut – went across the harbour to watch my brother’s band play, thankfully due to my going on stage earlier then scheduled i saw their whole set.

Next up was the West Midlands Vegan Festival at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton just 6 days later, a unique event for me in many ways, not only is the first vegan festival i had attended but also the first time i had travelled to the midlands, the day wouldn’t disappoint.

Before i played my set i was hitting the streets doing my bit for the festival by handing out leaflets to the general public, who for the most part were kind and well mannered towards me, even if they had little intention of coming along.

I was on stage at 2pm and my set-list this time bar one song completely different from the one i had played 6 days earlier at Offshore, the remaining song was Bullets For Peace but the rest came from my album Vegan Revolution which i’d released online 6 weeks earlier. Nerves got the better of me a little this gig and i did almost no interaction with the crowd as i was too focused on playing and it was a larger room and crowd then my previous gig too. My set seemed to go down well, i recall seeing a few people taking photos (or perhaps videos?) of me as i sang which is something that i find both flattering and weird but of course i’ll grow use to that as the gigs go on and i grow more at ease of being on a stage.

Once my set was over i set about spending time with old friends and making new ones too, the venue was jammed packed all over which was great, it shows a real postivive interest in veganism and a wanting to make the world a better place for all upon it. I must thank Dean Bracher, Kevin White and all the volunteers for putting on the festival and Rob Jackson for finding a spot on the bill for me, it’s all very much appreciated.

Well that is a quick telling of the tales of my first two gigs, i’m sure i’ll bring you more stories soon of gigs, recording and releases.

Peace to you all and thanks for reading.

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